Original Design Demon


I think I just like evil. And demons. 
Also it was approaching time for Heroes and Villains, the best Halloween party in Ottawa, and I needed something to wear! So, I thought it would be kinda funny to wear something really slutty ('cause that is what so many girls do at Halloween anyway) but to make it really awesome. 



The wings were made with leftover fabric from other projects. They were built around wooden dowels used to create the bones - and I used two layers to get a more ragged appearance. After assembly, I added more holes and rough edges to make it seem like the demon had been flying in hell for some time. More on the wings at instructables, visit it HERE

Bikini and Headdress

Everything that looks like lava was basically R&D for another project - it is 1/4" foam folded on top of itself and hot glued, then covered with 100% silicone clear bathroom sealant that was tinted with acrylic paint. (Except for the black. Bathroom sealant also comes in black.) It creates a really great texture! I added and hand-cut some tassels and rope to make the whole thing seem more...burlesque?


I had these from a previous costume. They are paper mache around a wire frame, that have been painted.


Two old wigs were frankensteined together and then backcombed. In the center top is a "bump" of hair used to hold the horns and tiara in place.


This one takes a bit of time. You have to shave/wax EVERYTHING. 

I also created a pentagram prosthetic that I glued to my forehead and painted with makeup to add depth. 

You must also make the biggest smoky eyes you can, pretty much right to your eyebrows. I added a scar as well to help the pentagram stamp blend in with my face. 

Photos by Open Shutter Photography at Winter G-Anime 2017