My 2018 Cosplay schedule

OMG I'm being realistic this year!!!! Praise me! After last year's four big costumes (Rainbow Quartz, Leafeon, Queen Leonidas, and Young Ursula) I realized that I was being unreasonable with my time, energy, and money, given that this is a hobby and not my profession. This year, I've planned something much more doable, with less stress/emotional labour, and hopefully a lot more fun!

I will be making three costumes, two small ones for OCC 2018 and the big competition piece for MCC 2018. I may go to other conventions, but I'll be wearing these or other costumes that I've already finished. 

The two small costumes will be Sexy Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy (with Lexa Lefay Cosplay), and Assistant Mayor Bellwether from Zootopia (with Reign Cosplay and Ballistic Bambi). These will be fun, lighthearted, non-competition builds. The big masquerade costume will be Witchblade

My first task was to cost out the three costumes, and to plan a budget and  execution schedule. Sometimes things can be cheaper/take less time than expected, but the important part of this exercise is to discover the approximate realistic cost, and from there to decide the maximum budget for the costume. Below are my maximum time and and budget allowances for each costume.

Assistant Mayor Bellwether

I will only be making the wig and glasses - the rest will be thrifted or dollar store. Total cost will be under $70, with most of that going to the wool roving for the wig hair fibers, and the thrift store dress, cardigan and shoes.

Reign Cosplay and I planned for this to be a quick, straightforward, simple, comfortable build that we could have fun and take cute photos in!


Wig cost

Natural wool roving 1lb - $20.00
Wig cap lace 0.5m x $5 - $2.50
Felt for ears 0.2m x $5 - $1.00
Wig cap elastic - $1.50
Subtotal - $25.00

Remainder cost

New dress/cardigan/shoes - $25.00
Golden bell - $2.00
Gold chain - $5.00
Clipboard/binders - $5.00
Subtotal - $37.00

TOTAL - $62.00


Wig - 20 hours approx.

Shopping - 4-5 hours (2 trips to find the appropriate dress, shoes, etc...)


A big thank you to Lexa Lefay and her Cosplay Boyfriend, who will be 3D modelling and printing my glasses, and finishing them for me!

Sexy Groot

Because a sexy Groot needs to exist. I'm very excited to be working with Lexa Lefay Cosplay again! I had originally wanted to make a "Groot dress" but the cost for materials made it unfeasible. I'm glad I found a cheaper way to enjoy an original design of this character.

Groot will have a burlesqe-style corset, thigh-high boots, tiara, and wig. I have purchased a cheap wig from Rose Wholesale and will be making the corset and boots.


Corset & boots cost

Leftover EVA foam/craft foam - $0.00
Leftover hot glue - $0.00
Leftover wool roving - $0.00
Leftover beads/embellishments - $0.00
Floral greenery - $5.00
New hot glue gun? - $20.00
Wire - $9.00
Fabric - $30.00
Grommets & boning - $60.00
Corset pattern - $22.00
Rose Wholesale wig - $24.00

TOTAL - $170.00


Time cost

I've never made a corset or thigh-high boots before, so I will be factoring in some extra time for mistakes. I expect approximately 20-40 hours for the corset (especially if things don't go to plan) and 15-30 hours for the boots.

I also want to braid the wig slightly. 2h max.

TOTAL - 37 - 72 hours


There's the expensive version that involves silicone casting, and then the "simpler" version that will still be very intense. A major cost I may have to factor in is a new Dremel, as my current one is dying. Hopefully it lasts through this build and I can buy a new one later.

As always, I'll be putting my spin on this comic book character. I'll be basing my version of Witchblade on the XM Studios figurine that was designed by David Giraud (his 3D model shown here).



EVA Foam mats - $60.00
Leftover SAR 36 glue - $0.00
Leftover craft foam - $0.00
Leftover acrylic paint - $0.00
High Density 1/4" EVA - $30.00
Flexbond (primer) - $48.00
Silver/black airbrush paint - $30.00
Sealant - $20.00
Plumbing pipe 6' - $12.00
3D printed fabric - $20.00
Subtotal - $240

Wig (already complete)
WigisFashion wigs - 2 x $80
Subtotal - $120

Silicone boobs

Approximate total - $350.00 - $400.00

TOTAL - $690.00


Wig - 20h (complete)
Boots - 30h
Armour - 80h
Prop - 60h
Silicone breasts - 40h

TOTAL - 230h