Effie Trinket goes mad

Effie Trinket goes mad


I wanted to do a pale pink and white lolita-inspired outfit, originally planned for a photoshoot when the light pink crabapple blossoms were in bloom. Alas, we didn't arrange it in time, so the photoshoot shows nothing but green leaves... 


This is straight out of my wardrobe. I made the fascinator from horsehair, pearls, fabric flowers and faux flowers, a tiara, and ribbon. I own enough strange things that although this took many hours to put together, it was a careful curation of items from amongst the many shoes, tutus, wigs, vests, belts, and jewellry that I've collected over the years. 


I wanted the makeup to be strange - and I ended up taking a wild, painterly approach to it. This, combined with the pale pinks and whites, and all the textured pieces, made me feel a lot like Effie Trinket, assuming she escaped from the Capitol, ran off to District 13, and promptly went crazy because she couldn't handle the 'natural' world.

The Photoshoot

I was working with the illustrious Richard Dufault, whose work really enhanced the style of the shoot. All photos by Richard Dufault.