Artist, illustrator, costumer, designer

Hello there!

I'm Jessica Harkonnen, a costumer and artist.

I have been cosplaying since 2014, and consider myself a “Cosplay Engineer” because I love to work on things that are big enough that they need, well, engineering, to be possible. I am a troublemaker with Peekaboo Cosplay and Lexa Lefay Cosplay who regularly cosplay and give panels with me at conventions. I believe in the big hair life, and I have wigs that prove it. I strongly suspect I’m a drag queen in a woman's body, and have a few makeup looks to prove that, too. I hate mushrooms but love spiders. I believe that makeup is art, selfies are awesome, and we should all be weird forever.

I love making original costumes, and I love cosplaying villains. My fashionista soul favours the 60s and 80s. I am an R2D2 fangirl and a hard sci-fi junkie. I spend a lot of time watching anime, but only while working on costumes. I play almost no video games. Scratch that. According to my husband, I am minus one at video games entirely. That’s okay - I have min-max’d my crafting skills instead.


I give Ottawa-based workshops on cosplay building techniques, and will soon be offering these courses digitally as well! These courses are between 2-3 hours long, and range in price between $20-30 per person. Currently there are no courses scheduled, they should be up soon, check back around May 20, 2019

  • Makeup 101 - The basic tools, materials, and techniques - with Peekaboo Cosplay

  • Artistic and special effects makeup

  • Wigs 101 - Care, Styling and Altering

  • Wigs 201 - Advanced techniques and wig crafting

  • Worbla and Thermoplastics

  • EVA Foam

  • Cosplay Posing & Working with a Photographer

  • Advanced Cosplay Posing & Photo styling (NEW, Summer 2019)

  • Basic Corsetry for Cosplayers (NEW, Summer 2019) - with Peekaboo Cosplay


I love to give panels at conventions, to educate, inspire, and connect with my fellow cosplayers.

I’ve given panels on the following:

  • Cosplay Makeup - with Peekaboo Cosplay

  • Making/altering cosplay wigs

  • Cosplay detailing

  • Group Cosplay - with Lexa Lefay Cosplay

  • Feminism in Cosplay - with Peekaboo Cosplay & Lexa Lefay Cosplay

  • Cosplay Handlers/handling

  • Dieselpunk & Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

NEW this year:

  • Beginner Corsetry for Cosplay (Presented at Ottawa ComicCon 2019) - with Peekaboo Cosplay

  • Navigating the Convention in Cosplay (Presented at Ottawa & Montreal ComicCons 2019) - with Peekaboo Cosplay & Lexa Lefay Cosplay

  • Bringing Balance to Cosplay (Presented at Ottawa & Montreal ComicCons 2019)- with Lexa Lefay Cosplay

  • Secrets of Cosplay (Will be presented at Montreal ComicCon 2019) - with Peekaboo Cosplay


Poison Ivy | 2014 | Journeyman, Most Detailed

Zombie Sei | 2014 | Journeyman, Best Characterization, Best Original Costume

Garbage Bag Dress - | 2015 | Ivy Doomkitty’s Judges Choice

Princess Yue | 2015 | Artisan, Most Majestic

Ravenna | 2016 | Artisan, Best in Class

Tineo Del Luno | 2016 | Master, Best Wings

Queen Leonidas and Xerxes | 2017 | Master, Best Workmanship - with Peekaboo Cosplay

Ursula & the Mermaid | 2017 | Master, Best in Show - with Peekaboo Cosplay

Burlesque Groot | 2018 | Master, Best in Class

Dark Fauns | 2018 | Best in Show, FanExpo Masters of Cosplay Toronto Divsion, and Runner up, Masters of Cosplay - with Peekaboo Cosplay

The Dragons of Spirited Away | 2019 | Runner up to Best in Show, Central Qualifier for Masters of Cosplay - with Peekaboo Cosplay