Once upon an illustration

Once upon an illustration

This is an old school project that I'm still in love with. It won me first place for illustration at the media and design awards that year. 

Puss in Boots is a SPIDER 

The goal was to take a fairytale story, and retell it any way we wanted. I chose the story of Puss in Boots, and both gender-bent it and moved it into an insect-world. We had to illustrate both the beginning of the story and the end. The result - these wacky illustrations of Puss as a spider and the beautiful young girl whose fortune he sets in motion.

Beauty and the Beast in SPACE

I recently picked up this concept again and retold another fairy tale - Beauty and the Beast. In keeping with the theme, this story is also gender-bent (the beast is a large octopus-like monster) and since I'd already done an insect world, this one is set in my second favourite place - outer space. I think I'll keep developing more fairytales in this theme, as the mood strikes.