Zombie sei comic

I started writing this comic after designing the original costume for the main character, Sei. Despite several episodes of plot and storyline, I certainly haven't finished. Honestly, having looked at what I've done so far for a while now, I'd like to redo most of the art as well. I really like the story, and find it funny and interesting - I'm just not good enough yet to draw and write what I see in my head.

At left, is my quick summary of the whole comic. The panels I've drawn so far go right up to the bite, but I haven't gotten into any of the fun stuff that is about to happen. (Read: miserable). 

I mostly wanted to write something with:

  • Gory elements applied to something beautiful
  • A female main character
  • Japanese culture from the Heian period
  • The idea that perhaps Zombies can be deeper than we think (in the same way that Vampires have more character depth now)

To read what I've got so far, click on the first image and it will open large enough to read. The left and right arrows will guide you from there.


Sei was a lady-in-waiting to a courtesan in Heian period Japan. Around 1154 AD, just before the Shogun takeover and the start of the Edo period, she is bitten by a zombie.

The Japanese do not know about zombies, so she is completely overwhelmed by the changes slowly happening to her. She runs away, and in the confusion of the takeover,  manages to escape to the countryside. Throughout the story, the focus is on telling her inner monologue, and how she never loses her mind, just the ability to communicate that with others. She manages to survive a hundred years. This is so exceptional, that King Yama, or Satan, king of the dead, wants to meet her. During tea, he gives her a gift - a kimono that won't wear out. Every hundred years that she survives, he continues this tradition - so  she is on her eighth kimono.