Marxist Dragons

I credit Laura for this title. She read my latest 12-hour comic and said,

"That's awfully marxist..."

I don't know about you, but I had to look that up.

Anyway, here's another weird comic from yours truly. We've changed the 12-hour comic rules slightly from our first experience. The rules are now that in eight hours, we'll produce eight pages. We both found 12 hours a little excessive for a day that is supposed to be fun. I started at 9am and went til 4:30pm, at which point I'm pretty sure my brain was bleeding internally - so minus some time for lunch, I only spent about six and a half hours working, and got seven pages done. I finished the final page and the cover this morning. It is my second time at this and it didn't feel good to leave something unfinished, but my head hurt too much. I have learnt from this experience that we should carefully plan comic days to NOT fall after a very heavy work week.